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Think you have a great product? Make sure you ask potential buyers if they agree before taking the entrepreneurial plunge. A recent study by CB Insights found that 42 percent of failed start up business owners said they hadn’t researched whether anyone would want what they had to offer.

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Owning a small business requires smarts, dedication and a lot of hard work. Getting your business off the ground is just the start; keeping it afloat and making a profit means you have to avoid simple mistakes. Here are a few things to know to help keep your business from going under.

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Business owners need a strategy to guide their companies to prosperity. There are several things you should aim for to make your franchise a success.

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Colibri Capital Solutions is now a member of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce and looks forward to serving the Northern Virginia business community with financing resources. Here at Colibri, we can provide capital solutions to businesses of any size and in various industries. Our financing specialists will specifically tailor a solution to what your business needs are whether it be start up costs, new equipment, refinancing old debt, or even purchasing new property, our business financing solutions will certainly fit your requests.

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